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Krypto500 v1.258 Released — New Decoders and More!


The most up-to-date form of Krypto500, v1.258, may be released. Of course it contains several significant new features and tools for SIGINT professionals:


As with several update, we combine RadioID entries - the advanced, precision radiofingerprinting tool built-in to Krypto500.

Likewise, more precision signal classifiers are added with each update, keeping our total to more than 4,000 precision classifiers.

New decoders inside the Krypto500 v1.258 release:

 T-207 decoder
RFSM data modem (includes all modified and proprietary waveforms, AND automatic key recovery for masked networks)

Continuing with this customary support for a market-leading over 310 types of hardware, from receivers, to acquisition cards, digitizers, SDRs and DF systems, Krypto500 v1.258 supports these new devices and systems:



* Royal Australian Navy / Daronmont CommSECA System support
* Sagax SRM-3000 (Multichannel HF)
* EPIQ Solutions - (all SRFS-based SDRs )
* DRS SI-8614-3 Nanoceptor (VHF-UHF)
* DRS SI-8746 Harrier (Wideband HF)
* DRS SI-8728A (8-chan HF)

Post by comintsigint (2016-12-13 14:52)

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